If you missed my first post, you know the mission I’m on.

I talked to Corbin last night. I got so involved in the conversation I totally forget to ask for a picture or tell him about POD or ask his permission to publish.

He was walking in pineapple grove. I was out on a date night with Brooke. I said “he looks interesting.” He had sleeve tattoos, a bald head, and made a strong fashion statement. He was smoking.

She said, “yeah. He does.”

I ran after him. I stopped him. I said, excuse me can I ask you a personal question.

He said okay.

I said “what’s the biggest personal challenge you’re facing right now in your life.”

“Work, he said. “I’m very stressed.”

Anyway, he was a bit uncomfortable at first. Or maybe not.  I should say I was a bit uncomfortable at first. It took him a few minutes to warm up. But we connected, at least I thought we did. Turns out he’s in AA too. I’m planning to go to a Sunday meeting he recommended and see him there. 830 Sunday he said.

Honorable mention to Corbin’s shoes. They were slippers. One foot had a picture of a screw. The other had a “U.”

As we parted he goes “I liked your approach by the way.”

I told Brooke the story. She says, did you make a new friend?”

I say, yes.

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