#7, #8 and #9 Brenda, Courtney and Nameless

9/20/16 2pm

Atlantic Avenue

Okay, so today I talked to three people, but only two were strangers, one was virtually a stranger. I’m counting all three.

Person #7: She was sitting in an electric cart with a big red car on the roof, upside down. I asked her the same question I’ve been asking (note to self — time to change things up).

She said she didn’t have any challenges.

We talked for a bit. And we connected. Turns out she is Brenda Rainey, the wife of Kevin Rainey.

They run Katcharide, which is a competing service to Downtowner, except they have those big 3D ads on their roofs. (They have a burger and fries and soon one with pasta and meatballs. You must’ve seen them.)

Anyway, we connected. She liked me. She suggested I meet her husband. I liked her too. I wouldn’t want to sit next to her on an airplane though.

But whatever, I approached her and talked to her. And that was awesome.

The insight I had was it was exactly the same model we do online with PalmBeachPatioScreens.com.

You get visibility for local businesses and you get a recurring fee in return. The Downtowner just use bill boards. Katcharide use these great big 3d sculptures… they have four… burger and fries, upside down car, um I can’t think of the others. Meatballs and pasta coming soon. Genius.

Person #8: She seemed lost. I approached her and asked her a personal question. (Yes, same one. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.) I can’t even remember how she responded. Maybe she avoided the question?

I remember her asking where I was from and then telling me she had a nephew studying at Oxford. She was from Jamaica. We didn’t talk for long. She excused herself and went on her way. I got the feeling she was in a hurry.

But whatever, I approached her and that was awesome. I probably could have tried harder to have a deep conversation with her too. And I forgot to ask her for her name.

Person #9: I had gone into Juice Buzz to say hi to my friend Jacqueline Pfeffer. She owns Juice Buzz. She just got back from a long trip and I’ve been meaning to catch up with her. She wasn’t there. So I left my name with one of the employees.

One of the other employees overheard and said “Bye Tom” as I walked out. I noticed this. I walked back past twenty minutes later. The other employee was sitting outside. I said to her “Still remember my name?” and she said “Tom.” And we started talking. We connected too.

She’s in rehab. She’s 23 years old and she’s only been in Delray for 90 days or so. She told me where she was from… and I can’t remember. And she told me her name and I couldn’t remember that either, which is the first time that’s happened since we started this.

Ironic considering it was how I started the conversation. Anyway, it’s Courtney.

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